Hydraulic Clicker Press

A hydraulic clicker press is one of the best automatic cutting solutions available in the market. It can cut almost all sorts of thin flexible raw materials, such as leather, fabric, textile, PVC plastic, rubber, and foam. CJRTec, a recognized brand in North and South America, offers hydraulic cutting presses to manufacturing companies, helping them double their sales and production in each passing year. Numerous benefits can be gained from moving to an automatic cutting system, especially if you have a medium or bigger-sized business.


As part of our continuous innovation and development, CJRTec is now also providing robotic cutting systems to companies of different industries. Aside from our semi and fully-automatic die cutting machines, we also customize a pick and place robot to collect the cut materials, lessening human intervention during the operation. This efficient solution help the company save labor expenses while improving the quality of the end-products. Know more about our hydraulic clicker cutting presses by registering to our website.

Cardboard Paper Hydraulic Clicker Press
Rubber Hydraulic Clicker Press